Romantic Argentina – Buenos Aires in the 30’s

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Poulette du Gers 100% coeur de canard. Expatriée en Argentine depuis 2009. Je livre mes anecdotes sur cette capitale du bout du monde, mes pensées sur la vie à l'étranger et quelques récits de voyages en Amérique du sud sur le blog Destino Buenos Aires. Challenge 2019: convaincre un éditeur

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  1. I wish I had been there during those days. Tango made Argentina one of the most romantic cities in the world and men there were wanted by all the women in Europe, because they knew how to seduce and had that cultural mixture that could be seen in their skin. Even now they are hot. Last year I decided to get an apartment rental in Buenos Aires and spend two weeks there. Guys were saying nice things to me in Spanish while I was walking. I felt flattered!

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